Adam Scorgie

51 min 17 sec | Documentary Producer

Adam Scorgie's plan A has always been to work hard, be humble and take chances; and it has worked tremendously to date. A father of 3, a loving husband, and an acclaimed documentarian, Adam has an astonishing ability to balance his relentless work schedule and his invaluable family time.


Born in Trail, British Columbia, Adam has also spent time living in Australia, Singapore, and the United States of America. Primarily growing up in BC's Okanagan Valley, Adam was inspired to move to New York City, where he spent 3 years studying film and television at the renowned William Esper Studios in Manhattan. Upon his return to Canada, Adam invested every dollar he had to produce his first feature documentary, 'The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. 'The Union' exceeded all expectations by being selected to 33 film festivals, where it won several best feature documentary awards. The success of 'The Union' demanded a follow-up, which lead to the crowd-funded sequel, 'The Culture High'. Upon request in 2012, the film, which focused on the war on drugs, would go on to screen for government officials in Canada's Parliament Hill during the country's preliminary steps to legalizing marijuana nationwide. Adam was very fortunate to be a two-time guest on Joe Rogan's to talk about the impact of both films. Being a Golden Glove boxer in his teenage years, Adam's interest in hand-to-hand combat lead him to spend 8 years developing 'Ice Guardians', a film examining the enforcer role in the NHL. Adam's high school was also home to many players for the WHL's Kelowna Rockets, which opened the door to conversations with NHLers such as Stanley Cup Champion Scott Parker. After many years of production, the film premiered to rave reviews in 2016 - the film landed on Netflix, where it can still be streamed worldwide. To date, Adam has produced 12 feature films, with another two feature documentaries currently in various stages of production 'Breaking Olympia' and "Direct to Dolph: An American Dream" along with a three-part doc-series also in production titled "Thunder: The Life & Death of Arturo Gatti" it's safe to say Adam and Score G Productions has been able to stay busy during the global pandemic. Adam is a shining example of how powerful a person can be by simply putting in the work every day in order to achieve their dreams. His leadership and loyalty to his team have ensured that his future films guarantee to impress and inspire those who watch them.

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