James Reckseidler

59 min 28 sec | Director | Musician

James worldview seeks to create extraordinary from the seemingly ordinary and he is always working to connect with others and touch the hearts and minds of others with all he does.


The lead singer and front man, as well as the driving lyricist for the rock band reijo (ray-o), who recently released a third studio album, 'The Future,' in late 2020. As a director of film, he is renowned for bringing a keen stylistic eye and a novel sensibility to the screen and is a leading advocate for Independent Film and Media development in the Province of Alberta.


He is currently right in the midst of principle photography on 'Ties That Bind' a feature film written and directed by him, as well acting as the Developing producer on 'Wards of State' (development) feature film; Pincher Creek (development) hour long dramatic series; and a half-hour comedy series for Aboriginal People's Television Network, 'Nation to Nation'. Along with writing new reijo material for their 4th album and performing as U2 frontman Bono in U2station, the U2 Tribute show Almost Better Than the Real Thing.

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