Kevin Meeks

56 min 49 sec | Sketch Artist

Kevin is a 52 year old Brit, living in Singapore and working for Volvo Cars, a company he has devoted himself to for more than 25 years. He's always been passionate about cars and about people, so it’s no surprise that most of his career has been in customer service roles for a car company. What’s perhaps more surprising is that he has discovered a passion for sketching. Covid lockdown brought out unexpected interests for many people, and for Kevin it was drawing. He started sketching people’s Twitter profile pictures and received a lot of support on the platform kept him motivated to continue working on and improving his works, to the point where he is happy to have his art on the wall, and occasionally to take commissions. He is very happy to share the story of his development over recent years, and the tools and techniques he's used to create these mazing portrait sketches.

Talent Talk Interview - Kevin Meeks
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