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Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Mr. Esq had a rough time during his formative years, which threatened his musical career, but with determination and resilience, he is back on track Setbacks are inevitable in life. However, one can see them as positive lessons instead of demoralizing failures. Learning to deal with setbacks and obstacles is important in moving forward and achieving one’s goal. This is the story of Mr. Esq, a rapper, singer, and songwriter from British Columbia. Mr. Esq was born and raised in a somewhat troubled area with six siblings, three older boys and girls. He was introduced to the realities of life at a very tender age, and the negative aspects of life seemed to appeal more.


Mr. Esq got into drug distribution and driving for illegal activities before he could possess a license. His association clearly defined his life at the time as Mr. Esq worked for people who were consistently disobedient to the law. Soon, that way of life became natural to him, and he continued to delve deeper into it. When Mr. Esq was 18, he got a lady pregnant and decided to quit his violent lifestyle to cater to the needs of his unborn baby. As expected, leaving such a lifestyle and not suffering consequences is unheard of, and Mr. Esq had to ward off his former colleagues who were still demanding his services. Shortly after moving away, Mr. Esq’s child passed away at his birth. The unfortunate event introduced a dark chapter in his life as Mr. Esq started drinking heavily and getting involved in vices again.


Before long, Mr. Esq was faced with fourteen years of Federal Penitentiary. He got a little bit lucky, getting a combined sentence of ten years. While at the Penitentiary, Mr. Esq made several discoveries that established a pivot for his restoration. Speaking about it, Mr. Esq had this to say, “I recognized I never properly coped with the death of my son, and I drowned myself in alcohol instead. Doing so was a large contributing factor to my behavior that landed me in the bad situations I was in and was the result of why I was sitting where I was. I decided to make changes in my character that I hoped would result in a better quality of life. This was when I got back into writing.”

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