Rob Willey & Lexi Redman

58 min 14 sec | Director | Writer | Producer | Actor

Rob Willey

Rob Willey is a feature film and music video director from Victoria, British Columbia. In 2016 Rob wrote and directed his first full-length feature film Dark Cove. The independent thriller went on to receive critical acclaim, with calling the movie “…an incredible, strikingly unique psychological thriller.” Rob was inspired by the DIY independent filmmakers of Generation X such as Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, and Doug Liman, and applied many of their guerrilla low-budget shooting techniques in his early work.

Lexi Redman

Hi my name is Lexi, an actor, model, and electrician. I am a multi hyphenate, with interests ranging from slow pitch to free diving.

Rob Willey & Lexi Redman Interview
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