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The People of Talent Talk

Garry MacLean

Host | Producer | Creator

Garry is an actor, producer and writer. Starting as a background actor in 2011, Garry has spent the last 9 years taking workshops, building relationships and creating film/television content. As Garry built these relationships he realized how many extremely talented folks there were in the industry. It's through this realization that Garry decided there needed to be a local outlet for these talented people to voice who they are and what they can do. Hence the creation of Talent Talk.


Garry's passion for film and television drives him to create and develop as much content as possible. He has written and produced 3 of his own short films so far and is currently writing a feature length screenplay. There is also a documentary on the dockets which he is hoping to share later in 2020.

Jared Eves

Cameraman | Editor

Jared graduated with honours from the film/video program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and in the years since graduation has completed several short films, including an award winning documentary (Hooked), as well as a variety of other video projects.


He is currently at work co-writing a new web series with a fellow SAIT alumni, and is in the script stage on several new short films for possible production in the near future.

Jury Rodionov


Chengis Javeri

Guest Host

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