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Talent Talk Season 4

Talent Talk Interview - Bo Svenson

Talent Talk Interview - Bo Svenson

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Next Guests - Bo Svenson Dec. 10, 2022

Talent Talk, hosted and produced by Garry MacLean in Calgary, interviews folks from many aspects of the Arts & Media field.

Another season is well on its way with another amazing lineup of guests.. See the most recent interviews below and click the Archive link above to see all the amazing guests. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Check out our guests and get behind-the-scenes information on:

  •        Special effects makeup

  •        Stunt work

  •        What it's like to sit in the producer/director’s chair

  •        Life as a traveling comedian, plus much more!

​Talent Talk also does event shows. Do you have an art exhibit or a film premiere coming up?  Maybe your local band is playing an event and looking for media coverage. Reach out to Talent Talk Media today and book us for your event. Red carpet interviews, event presentation/speeches and general event coverage is what we can offer.

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About Talent Talk Media

Talent Talk Media is all about promoting and presenting talent in the Arts & Media field. Guests range from cartoonists, film & television cast and crew, musicians, cosplayers and models to name a few. Whether it be a one-on-one interview or red carpet event, Talent Talk is there.

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